VBar and much more

Here is the result of my testing of which ESC's have the best chance to work with the VBar governor. TESTED AND CONFIRMED

Scorpion Commander V
see video how to setup, built in phase sensor for the VBar governor.
Kontronik HeliJive v11
Use : MODE 8
External programmer required: No (all done with sticks)
Settings for optimal performance:
Collective add:              25 Cyclic add:                     15 Collective dynamic:        0 Governor gain:              25 The throttle channel throws must be kept at -100 / +100 in Gov 2 tab.
(Helijive has FIXED endpoints made to match VBar when you enable Mode 8)

HobbyWing Platinum Series (also sold as Turnigy K-Force) Do not mix up with older version which is called Pentium, Sentilon etc which has serious reliability issues. External programmer required: No (all done with sticks) Settings for optimal performance: Factory settings + Startup type: Very soft
Notes: v1.08 firmware (v2 hardware) MUST be v 1.08U, the previous does NOT work with VBar.
When using Phase sensor AND separate RX pack, common ground must be shared, run a cable with Negative lead only from RX -> Programming interface on ESC. Overall: Very good performance, good soft start with above settings
Run 12khz setting (even if Scorpion says 8khz) drive rate, and keep 15 degree timing if possible, seems to be best bet for it to work.

Fusion Hawk 100 and 120A BL (also sold as Mega Power, SJ Propo 100, and 120A BL, Robbe Roxxy) External programmer required: Yes (purchased separately) Setting for optimal performance: Fastest throttle response setting, Set motor start power to lowest (default). Turn Brake OFF! Overall: Very good performance, built in Fan, a bit large form factor. Align ESCs (Included in various heli combos) External programmer required: No Setting for optimal performance: Fastest response possible. Notes:It has been reported some inconstancies with Phase sensors and Align motors, do not know if that’s motors fault, phase sensor or esc. Then you might need to switch to magnet type of sensor. Overall: Good performance.

Works very well,
See my videos for YGE controllers.

(X-70 tested, probably works on others as well)
External Programmer needed: Yes (PC interface)
Setting for optimal perfomance: Governor off, High acceleration.
Castle Creation Now have external governor mode in firmware 4.02
See my video for it.  
NOT WORKING (or with bad performance) Kontronik all versions except HeliJive (Jive, Jazz, Koby)
Turnigy Super Brain (max 6s but with BEC and logging) – Has no airplane mode, always in heli governor, not usable.